We will never tell you how to use your drone – We just make it possible.


2x flight time and 10x payload capacity – The advantage of Mixed-Rotor Systems.

This says it all really! For every person on the planet, there is at least one idea for “what we should use a drone for.” We all drones but so far, the hype has exceeded the technology.

Well, thanks to our engineers, the technology is here. What payload would you carry and where would you fly it? Cameras and mapping equipment to the top of Mt Everest? Medical supplies to save lives in remote areas?

A swarm of multi-rotor aircraft capable of real endurance can be a cost-effective way to undertake wide area search and rescue at sea or find schools of fish. Shark spotting at the beach or rescuing a swimmer in distress. How about an aircraft you can water ski behind?

Carry enough LED lights to illuminate Uluru or fly high enough to be a reusable high-altitude launch platform for the next cube satellite.

Until now, multi-rotors produced by Boeing and Airbus have only managed to fly for a matter of seconds.

Our lift technology is so efficient that for the first time we can realise the full potential of Urban Aerial Mobility. Packages or people, we have the technology to move your payload for hours, not minutes.

The high scalability and adaptability of the technology means that it can be optimised for your aircraft to enable it to perform its specific mission better than has ever been possible. If you already have an aircraft, we can help you fly 2x farther, carry 10x as much, operate higher than ever before, accelerate more rapidly and get where you are going more swiftly.

A multi-rotor aircraft with our mixed-rotor technology is capable of:

Flying for over 90 min

Traversing more than 100km

Operating at altitudes well over 5km high

Accelerating at 5+ gravities in any direction

Vertical take-off and landing

Carrying 20kg payloads for many km

From the everyday to the extraordinary, HybridSkys is here to help you make it possible.