We will never tell you how to use your drone – We just make it possible.


Hybridisation of the multi-rotor has never been possible before so we’ve really opened up the airspace on this one!

We know that multi-rotor aircraft work best with small, important payloads and the same is try of a fuel-electric hybrid equivalent. The difference is that the theatre of operation is now the size of Australia. Medical deliveries can take place over vast distances to the most remote parts of the globe.

The World Health Organisation stipulates that donated blood must be transported at 4°C ± 2°C. A multi-rotor aircraft with HybridSkys’ technology can fly at the correct altitude to maintain this temperate for distances over 1000km to make a lifesaving delivery before
returning to base, all on a single tank.

We know from experience that the best battery charger we have is our demonstration aircraft.With an output of 3.5kW it is not only capable of recharging its onboard battery systems, self-starting and flying for hours, it is a portable, airborne generator.

If long haul flights aren’t enough, HybridSkys’ technology can allow a VTOL aircraft to stay aloft as a communications relay for over 20 hours. This isn’t just better than other multirotors. This breakthrough out performs many fixed wing aircraft designed for just this

The combination of abilities such as this means that you can make a truly formidable aircraft for your customers. User-cases are now possible that were simply unimaginable before now.

Flying for over 90 min

Traversing more than 100km

Operating at altitudes well over 5km high

Accelerating at 5+ gravities in any direction

Vertical take-off and landing

Carrying 20kg payloads for many km

From the everyday to the extraordinary, HybridSkys is here to help you make it possible.