We will never tell you how to use your drone – We just make it possible.


HybridSkys understands that defence and military users of aircraft have very specific requirements for their equipment. High standards for reliability and performance in tough conditions is a key feature which aircraft manufacturers strive to reach.

Significant and expensive efforts have been expended to develop aircraft with VTOL capacity but the flight time and payload offered by fixed wing aircraft. So far very little progress has been made. A fundamental re-think
to this technology has been required.

Anything else is wasting your money.

A multi-rotor aircraft with HybridSkys mixed-rotor technology can be hybridised to provide unparalleled performance characteristics.

  • Fly 2000 km round trips – Ideal for field operations
    – Theatre of operation the size of Australia.
  • 20kg+ payloads – Last mile resupply
    – Useful payloads to save lives and reduce risk.
  • Operate at any altitude – Surveillance or intervention
    – Watch the ground when hovering 5000m above it – for hours.
  • VTOL and hovering capabilities – Land and take-off anywhere
    – Fixed wing aircraft are now a needless compromise.
  • Accelerate at over 6 gravities – Strong evasion capabilities
    – An unparalleled tactical capability which makes intercept unthinkable – Unstoppable aircraft.
  • Compact aircraft size – Stealth by design
    – Less than a 2m x 2m package – tiny optical and radar target – multi-rotors fly undetected.
  • Reliability – Dual energy supply
    – Multiple energy sources and the ability to self-start the internal combustion engine gives added reliability.

HybridSkys is a technology provider who works with manufacturers to produce fit for purpose aircraft to meet the needs of the end user. We are looking to partner with your preferred supplier of field-tested aircraft to quickly and cost effectively bring about your new airborne platform. This is the low risk solution for obtaining world leading capability.

Flying for over 90 min

Traversing more than 100km

Operating at altitudes well over 5km high

Accelerating at 5+ gravities in any direction

Vertical take-off and landing

Carrying 20kg payloads for many km

From the everyday to the extraordinary, HybridSkys is here to help you make it possible.