We will never tell you how to use your drone – We just make it possible.


Your customers want solutions to user-cases such as:

  • Freight Delivery
  • Medical Deliveries
  • Airborne communications relays
  • Photography and survey aircraft
  • Inspection services
  • High altitude sensors and rocket launch platform
  • Shore to ship services and deliveries… … and more!

Multi-rotor global revenue is $1.7b USD, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 25%.

Aircraft finally capable of meeting desired commercial and military user-cases multipliesTotal Addressable Market (TAM) and CAGR dramatically. $Billion contract opportunities exist for the supply of aircraft and related services.

First mover advantage is key in your industry to Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) for multi-rotors that outperform fixed-wing

If you are a manufacturer of aircraft, we’re sure that you are bombarded with customers who want more from your product every day. There are more users of UAVs with ever increasing demands on performance, useability and capability.

Whatever category of user-case your customers’ needs fall into, it can be supported by HybridSkys’ mixed-rotor technology. We hear lots of users and potential users of UAVs start sentences like “Could I use your drone to…” but often, their desires fall outside the
physically possible.

Or worse, your aircraft technology is awaiting a breakthrough in things like batteries, a technology that has been very stagnant for decades.

Mixed-rotor technology and the hybridisation that come with it is the first revolution in multi-rotor aircraft since their inception. It is the only way to improve your aircraft and progress your business.

The growing market, and the new user cases enabled by our technology are quickly and cost effectively accessible to manufacturers who want to make their aircraft the best that it can be. We offer accelerated design and development of your product in a de-risked

A multi-rotor aircraft with our mixed-rotor technology is capable of:

Flying for over 90 min

Traversing more than 100km

Operating at altitudes well over 5km high

Accelerating at 5+ gravities in any direction

Vertical take-off and landing

Carrying 20kg payloads for many km

From the everyday to the extraordinary, HybridSkys is here to help you make it possible.