About HybridSkys

HybridSkys is based in Perth, Western Australia and was founded by engineers with a passion for hardware, good design and true innovation.

We’re passionate about what we create and seek to spread our developments throughout the aviation world.

With a long history with autonomous and remotely operated equipment subsea and on the surface, we’re ready, willing and able to understand your requirements and how best mixed-rotor technology can help you support your customer’s needs.

Our History

HybridSkys Pty. Ltd. was incorporated in 2016 with the sole purpose of undertaking research and development into multi-rotor aircraft and systems.

We wanted to create a true fuel / electric hybrid multi-rotor, capable of flying for hours. Little did we know at the time that to do this, we had to create an entirely new rotor system!

Several years of hard work, including all of our own in-house design, drafting, coding, assembly and finally testing of many aircraft concepts, designs and iterations, we have unlocked the potential of the multi-rotor with the first design leap since their inception.